Meet Our Cast

Jess Ennis cropped

Reece Ennis (Cassie Wade) Beyond acting, Reece trained as a classical and contemporary ballet dancer in Chicago before moving to Atlanta in 2010 to attend Emory University. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude with a BA in International Relations in 2014. Since then, Reece has established her career as an actress in Atlanta. In addition to His Love is Blind, Reece has been involved in several independent films, web series, and numerous other projects including commercial work and modeling. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, exploring Atlanta, and sketching with charcoals.

Beau Lotz

Beau Lotz (Chase Crawford) Beau enjoys acting, helping others get in shape, and spending time with his family.  If he is not in front of the camera, he is at his personal training studio in Atlanta working with athletes.  He has two full length movies coming out in 2015, and is currently working on a couple of television shows.

Debbie Harmon

Debbie Harmon (Amanda Crawford and Maranda)  Since 2009 Debbie has been writing screenplays and producing movies.  This is her seventh film and her third full length feature film.  Debbie enjoys not only being in front of the camera as an actress, but all aspects of film making from concept to completion.  She wears many hats on all her projects.  Debbie loves to spend time with her husband, Ed, her children and her grandchildren.  She has no plans of retiring from her passion of making quality movies that inspire and impact people.

Ben Peck

Ben Peck (John Crawford)  Ben is a seasoned professional Atlanta based actor with many credits to his name.  As a young man, Ben had always loved entertaining.  As his passion for the art grew, he decided to pursue his dreams full time.  He began living his dream by supporting and working with local community theaters which opened the door for acting in commercials, films, and stage productions.

Teresa Mink

Teresa Mink (Alisha Wade)  Teresa currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her two children.  She became involved in the theatre at an early age and expanded into commercials, film and TV series.  She gives God all the glory for her success and His Love that has always been blind to her failures!

Sylvia Veith

Sylvia Veith (Marge)  Sylvia is an accomplished actress, director and playwright with a special passion for teaching young people.  Her first love is the theatre where she is at home both on stage and behind the scenes.  Additionally, she is a film and television actress.  Her award winning play, "Prom Night", is published by Theatrefold and has been produced in the United States, Canada and Hong Kong.  Sylvia has a BFA in Theatre from the University of Florida.

Brittany Trahan

Britni Trahan (Margo)  Britini was born in NJ, but grew up in Atlanta, GA.  She is a wife and mother of two beautiful children.  Britni has a degree in Psychology from GCSU and a Masters in Early Childhood and Policy Making.  This is the third film that Britni has been in for Entertainment with a Message.  You can see her in "Redemption" and "Psychology of Secrets".  She is also the face on the cover of the book "Psychology of Secrets".  And Britni is in the music video "With Open Arms".


Carolann Utley (London)  Carolann was born in Aniston, AL but refers to August, GA as her hometown.  She is of Irish, English and Korean descent.  As a child, she dreamed of being everything from the first female president of the US to a network news anchor.  However, after attending a university, opportunities became available that led her to work for a string of non-profits before acting full time.  Recently she has appeared in several feature films including "Huckleberry" and "Sick People" as well as local and national commercials.  Her most recent work is a spotlight with Titleist.

Amor Owens

Amor Owens (Mika)  Amor was born in Manila, Philippines.  Her father was a surgeon and her mother had a dual career in medicine and acting.  Amor frequented theatre venues and television studios while watching her mother perform.  Being around entertainers and creative inspired her to pursue a career in the performing arts.  After varied experiences in film production behind the camera, she deiced to focus her energies on developing her craft as an actress.  She studied the Strasberg and Stanislavski methods of acting.  Amor has appeared in movies, episodes and pilots such as "My Dad's a Soccer Mom", "Mr. Lockjaw" and "The Haves and the Have Not's".  You can also see her in regional commercials and local community theatre around the  Atlanta, GA area.

Mark Alan Campbell

Mark Alan Campbell (Morgan)  Mark made his performance debut at the age of 2  at the Gulfport, MS diner with a solo rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" (an unsolicited performance).  A few years later he performed the hit "Dead Man's Curve" in his elementary talent show and won.  After a 40 year hiatus, Mark jumped back into performing.  Mark is an actor, singer and voiceover actor.  He and his wife, Sandy, have two grown sons.

Carol Tomlinson

Carol Tomlinson (Charlie Reigns)  Carole enjoys an exciting and fascinating acting career.  She has appeared on Broadway in "Mame", "Gypsy", "Nine" and in various off Broadway productions.  Carole has also appeared in a Lifetime movie, independent films, commercials and industrials.  She does both international and national voiceovers for various projects.  In addition to all of that, Carole hosts a radio show called "Golden Moments"

David Compton

David Compton (Steetman)  After a long career as a TV news anchor and reporter, David decided to change directions and pursue a career as a film actor.  Besides being in "His Love Is Blind", David has played the role of a preacher in the film, "Bethlehem".  David spends much of his time a voiceover actor as you can tell from his buttery smooth voice.  He is a published author and has written two books.  In his leisure time he likes to run, lift weights, hick, read and travel internationally.

Kelly Nelon

Kelly Nelon (Grace)  Kelly is a multi-Dove award winner and Grammy nominated performer.  She has garnered more than 6 Dove awards and 6 Singing News Fan Awards.  She won a bronze award at the New York Film Festival for a concept video in which she starred.  Kelly has started  new chapter in her life being an actress.  "His Love Is Blind" is her first film.  Currently she can also be seen in "Cardinal Rule",  "Losing Faith", "Mission Improbably", "Messenger of Light", "The Old Rugged Cross", and "The Reigns Maker".  She has made appearances in a few TV shows too.

deborah childs

Deborah Childs (Gigi)  Deborah began her acting career in the eight grade while an Air Force child.  She found the theatre to be a home base for her.  In 2000, she performed in seven plays that year in the Atlanta area.  The seventh play, "Peachtree Battle", was a huge hit and became the longest running play in Atlanta theatre history.  She loved playing the incomparable Trudi for over 1000 performances.  This is the second film that Deborah has appeared in produced by Debbie Harmon.  Her first was "Psychology of Secrets" in which Deborah did a fantastic job playing the ice cold Mrs. Taylor.  Deborah gets to show off her comedic range in "His Love is Blind" playing Gigi.  She has also appeared in commercials and TV shows.

Vince Fenimore

Vincent Fenimore (Jackson Wade)  Vincent is from the Rancho Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles, CA.  He has been in and around the entertainment industry his entire life.  His mother first introduced him to theatre when she was a working actress and director.  During his childhood, he was drawn to the performance of magic.  After years of study under the tutelage of working magicians, he began performing around Southern California.  Later he performed his illu7sions in his unique show in cities across the country.  Vincent has a degree in education and wrote his doctoral dissertation on magic.

Declan headshot

Declan Cambridge Trahan (Ring Bearer)  This is Declan's second film.  He was in "Redemption" produced by Entertainment with a Message.  You can also see him in the music video "With Open Arms".  Declan is a smart and energetic young boy who loves to tell jokes and building things with his hands.  He is very creative and engineering minded.

Scotlyn in Seasame Street shot (2)


Scotlyn Harlow (Flower Girl) This is Scotlyn's film debut.  She plays a flower girl in "His Love is Blind".  I'm sure this will not be her last film.  Scotlyn is an adorable little toddler who is full of energy and independence.  She loves to entertain and does so often with singing, dancing, imitating people or telling jokes.